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Building long term
relationships is important to us.

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Catalysts of Creative Excellence

At Gold Leaf, our compact yet passionate team stands ready to fuel your success. We specialize in web design, graphic design, and marketing, combining our expertise to uplift your business. With an unwavering commitment to detail, we create impactful solutions that resonate with your target audience. Together, we’ll craft a powerful brand presence that leaves a lasting impression and drives growth.

Our hands-on approach ensures that every project is treated with the attention it deserves, fostering close client relationships with an environment of trust. Let us be your partners in success, working together to unlock the full potential of your business.

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Founder & CEO

Agata Klein

At Gold Leaf, our passionate and dedicated team, led by Agata, is committed to creating an inviting and positive atmosphere where people feel included and inspired. Agata’s voracious appetite for knowledge drives the team’s continuous pursuit of excellence. As a cohesive unit, we prioritize skill enhancement to better serve our clients and foster the growth of Gold Leaf. With a shared dedication to continuous improvement and client satisfaction, our team embodies the values that drive our success.

Core Values



We want you to feel like you can trust us to tell your story effectively. We take care to build rapport and establish a connection that provides longevity in our business dealings. It’s important to us that you feel like we listen and hear what you have to say.



Our honest and straightforward approach allows us to provide dependable and effective solutions. We go the extra mile for you so you feel like you have a partner in your business.



Effective listening entails more than just hearing words and making sense of them. Your voice matters, and we intend to help you bring it out across your marketing channels so that you can connect with your audience in a meaningful way.



We want to work with you to discover your passion for your craft, and share ours. It excites us to be a part of your journey and to learn why you do what you do. Allow us to stoke the flame of your business to optimize your success.